Bankruptcy Advice And Help For Arkansas Residents

Debt Relief Services That Get At The Heart Of The Matter

With more than a decade's experience in bankruptcy law practice, Sara Rogers Attorney at Law offers distinctive services to residents of Crittenden County and the surrounding area. Based in Marion, attorney Sara Rogers focuses her law practice primarily on helping people find relief from crushing debt.

Making the decision to approach a bankruptcy lawyer takes courage. You may feel that bankruptcy is an extreme measure, likely to harm your credit for years and bringing shame to you and your family. In fact, avoiding a serious debt problem can have much more severe consequences. Talk to an attorney as soon as you realize your debt is overwhelming your ability to repay. Explore your options, discuss consequences and opportunities, and get the practical guidance you need to take the next step.

Have you heard about requirements and obstacles to a bankruptcy filing such as a means test, credit counseling and attorneys' fees? Please do not let your fears keep you from getting the information you need to meet your debt crisis head-on. Call 870-394-5017 or schedule a free initial consultation by way of a message sent through our Contact page.