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Is bankruptcy the right debt solution for you?


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Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy provide powerful solutions for people with different types of financial problems.

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Bankruptcy may provide the tools you need to stop foreclosure or resolve your mortgage debt issues.

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The automatic stay in bankruptcy puts an immediate stop to wage garnishment, repossession and other collection actions.

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Arkansas Bankruptcy Information

Debt Relief Services That Get At The Heart Of The Matter

Nobody wants to file bankruptcy. If you’re reading this information, looking for a solution to your financial problems, chances are that you’ve been struggling for months. You’ve probably gone through your bills again and again, looking for costs you could cut. You may have watched credit card debt grow, as you juggled minimum payments and accumulated late fees. There’s more at stake than money. Unmanageable debt can impact every area of your life.

For many people in and around Marian, bankruptcy offers a lasting solution. Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are two very different solutions, both designed to help people regain control of their finances and start fresh. Schedule a free consultation with attorney Sara Rogers to learn more.

Sara Rogers

Making the decision to approach a bankruptcy lawyer takes courage. You may feel that bankruptcy is an extreme measure, likely to harm your credit for years and bringing shame to you and your family. In fact, avoiding a serious debt problem can have much more severe consequences. Bankruptcy is all about getting a fresh start that so many debtors badly need.

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